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TERRA SF 343 - Andre Norton : Flammen über Astra

Andre Norton : Flammen über Astra (Star Born)
Terra SF 343, 15.05.1964
Deutsche Erstausgabe
Originalausgabe 1957
Aus dem Amerikanischem von Hans Kneifel
Titelbild : Johnny Bruck

When Raf Kurbi's Terran spaceship burst into unexplored skies of the far planet Astra and was immediately made welcome by the natives of a once-mighty metropolis, Kurbi was unaware of three vital things:

One was that Astra already harbored an Earth colony—descended from refugees from the world of the previous century.

Two was that these men and women were facing the greatest danger of their existence from a new outburst of the inhuman fiends who had once tyrannized Astra.

Three was that the natives who were buying Kurbi's science know-how were those very fiends—and their intentions were implacably deadly for all humans, whether Earth born or star born.
Klappentext der Gutenberg-Ausgabe

Centuries after the desperate flight from Earth, Pax has been overthrown and humanity again reaches for the stars. Raf Kurbi's spaceship reaches the planet Astra, not knowing that the planet already has a colony established centuries ago by the fugitive humans from Earth ... and that the apparently friendly natives of the planet are actually malevolent invaders from elsewhere, who are plotting to eliminate all humans from Astra, both the recent arrivals and the star born colonists.
Klappentext der Originalausgabe

Ein netter kleiner Roman, die einzige Ausgabe in Deutschland. Nicht wirklich bemerkenswert, nette Space Action eben. "Star Born" ist der zweite Teil der Miniserie über das Pax-Regime, der erste - "The Stars Are Ours" - erschien 1956 als Doppelheft im Rahmen der UTOPIA Grossbände und 1966 in Neuauflage bei TERRA EXTRA.

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