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Mary Janice Davidson : Happy Hour in der Unterwelt

Mary Janice Davidson : Happy Hour in der Unterwelt (Undead and Unappreciated)
Betsy Taylor 03
LYX 2008
Deutsche Erstausgabe
Originalausgabe 2005
Taschenbuch, ca. 220 Seiten, 8,95 €
auch als eBook erhältlich, 7,99 €
Aus dem Amerikanischen von Stefanie Zeller
ISBN 978-3-8025-8125-0

Betsy muss feststellen, dass das Dasein als Königin der Vampire jede Menge Nachteile mit sich bringt. Einmal abgesehen davon, dass sie beim Mitternachts-Schnäppchen-Shopping stets in der ersten Reihe steht. Die Angestellten ihres Nachtclubs machen ihr das Leben zur Hölle, seit sie den ehemaligen Chef getötet hat…

The plot begins in earnest when Betsy receives a non-invitation to her stepmother's baby shower; the shower is scheduled for daylight hours, making it impossible for vampires to attend. To reinforce the snub, Betsy's weak-willed father visits Betsy at home to ask her to stay away, where he lets slip that the new baby is Antonia's second child. Betsy and her friends confirm this revelation from Antonia herself, who describes unwillingly how she woke up with no memories of the preceding ten months, and dropped the baby girl, Laura, off at the hospital.

Much of the novel revolves around the search for Laura and getting to know her. Laura turns out to be a beautiful but bashful girl just beginning college, and eager to do the right thing for everyone. She's very sweet-natured and wholesome, always seeking peaceful solutions, and making friends with everyone, even people with difficult tempers. Getting to know Laura, Betsy likes her (although she envies her beauty) and can't bring herself to tell her about her sordid vampiric life or that Laura herself is the "spawn of Satan" and destined to conquer the world.

Before finding Laura, Betsy is frustrated by not knowing enough and resolves to read the Book of the Dead, a holy relic for vampires analogous to the Bible. The Book was written by an insane vampire who could see the future; unfortunately, it also drives anyone reading it insane. Throwing caution to the wind, Betsy reads the Book for several hours. The Book describes Betsy's ascension to Queen of the Vampires and her marriage to Eric, and also predicts that her half-sister Laura is fated to take over the world. Unfortunately, the book drives Betsy insane or, rather, changes her into a traditionally thinking vampire, as shown by the novel's first-person perspective. In that state, she attacks her human friends Jessica and Marc, indulges unbridled passions with her consort Eric, and tries to kill his vampire assistant Tina, who defeats her handily. She wakes up with a bruised head, a recovered sanity and much remorse – and also a new power, to awaken before sunset, which she uses to take Laura to Antonia's baby shower, so that Laura can meet her birth mother. Throughout the remainder of the novel, she tries to recover her friends' trust, particularly Jessica's, and also make amends with Eric.

The novel's climax occurs in a nightclub, Scratch. Betsy inherited the club, but the vampire staff are unhappy with her non-traditional changes, including not allowing them to drink blood from humans or kill them. The staff form a union and strike to demand better "working conditions". As their bargaining chip, the staff kidnap Betsy's half-sister Laura, mistaking her for an ordinary human girl. Unfortunately for them, they handle her too roughly and, despite her dislike of violence, Laura begins killing them with weapons formed from hellfire. Eric joins them and the three together win the fight with the vampires. Laura reveals that she'd known all along about Betsy and about herself, but she was waiting for Betsy to trust her enough. Laura is convinced that she can overcome her demonic heritage and be a good person, although she also displays a touch of temper. Later, Betsy meets the Devil herself—resembling a wonderfully dressed Lena Olin—who reveals that Laura will indeed take over the world.
Plot Summary

Es nutzt sich ab. Die Komik, die Davidson hier zelebriert, wird beim dritten Band schon etwas langweilig, man kennt die Gags schon. Obwohl auch dieser Roman einige sehr gelungene Ideen enthält - etwa die eigenwillige Darstellung von Laura oder die wirklich gelungene Einführung von Satan - merkt man (ich zumindestens) doch, daß es eben ein Trivialroman ist. Nicht, daß ich mich gelangweilt habe, aber der Pep der ersten beiden Romane fehlte mir hier.

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