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TERRA SF 424 - Manly Banister : Wenn Welten sich begegnen

Manly Banister : Wenn Welten sich begegnen (Magnanthropus)
Terra SF 424, 08.10.1965
Deutsche Erstausgabe
Originalausgabe 1961
Aus dem Englischen von Ingrid Neumann
Titelbild : Karl Stephan

What price his status as a superman if there was no place in the world for the woman he loved? At 3:10 A.M. the calendar stopped. The record of man's days on earth came simply and finally to an end...

At what would have been 3:10:01, the record of a new time, a new earth, a new man, began. His name: MAGNANTHROPUS! After the Earth he knew disappeared one night, Jeff Jarvis, found himself in a new world of carnal butterfly people and six-legged creatures with triple-jointed limbs. Then a voice in his head told him to go west and find a man named Eamus Brock. When Jeff, after many experiences, finally found Brock, the man told him the following story: "In the beginning, Man had been born of beast because of a slight shift in genes. More recently, a similar shift had occurred--and a new race had been borne of Mankind, the race of Magnanthropus! The new race differed from homo sapiens only in relative mental ability. Man's brain from the beginning had been capable of reasoning, imagining, and creating. Mags could read minds, broadcast their thoughts, and even teleport. Man's swansong had been inexorably begun." Jeff's first thought was of Jo. She was not a Mag. She had not demonstrated telepathic ability. What price his status as a superman if there was no place in the world for the woman he loved?
Klappentext des B&N-eBooks

Ja, das Heft liest sich genauso grauenvoll, wie dieser Klappentext vermuten lässt. Jedenfalls inhaltlich, stilistisch ist das ganz ok. Aber nichts, was man heutzutage lesen muß, und auch nichts, über das man viele Worte verlieren sollte. Von daher : Schwamm drüber !

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