Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

He'll be back !

Monday Dec. 25, I had a stroke. I think my head is all right, and I am recovering. Alas I used to be a touch typist and I am now learning to be a two finger typist. At present I am a one finger typist. Call it 1.1 finger, but after today’s therapy , maybe 1.2; I am learning. I just made the Spock sign.

Started a ramble to post, but it is easy with Windows 8 to have what you write vanish. I will keep trying.

Please someone post in my blog that I am here and learning. The Surface works but learning to use it and Outlook 13 after a stroke is hard enough and I am clumsy. But I am trying and think I will recover. But it takes time.

But I am coming back.

Hope, you'll recover soon.

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